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Marketing Management Marketing management is all about getting the marketing mix right, ATL (Above the Line), BTL (Below the Line) and getting the right balance between all the tools you have at your dissposal. PR, Trade Marketing, Press, Online Blogs, Social Media all play a part. But which will give you the best 'Bang for your Buck'?.
Adwords Marketing Adwords marketing is an ideal way to get targeted traffic to your website quickly, ideal if you are running a special offer, promoting your company, brand or product.
Many companies don't have the expertise or time to managing Adwords marketing and so therefore outsource their Adwords Marketing Management.
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Unit21 hostingireland Case Study No1 Unit21 is a new website design company looking to be that bit different. Using urban design they wanted to set themselves apart from the crowd. World class graphic design and brand creation was what set them apart.

A managed comprehensive targeted Awords campaign bought in the business they needed to get to the next level..
Case Study No2 Land Rover Parts is a blog dedicated to the love of Land Rovers. The blog was looking tired and not attracting the right level of enthusiasm from visitors. the blog was moved to Wordpress and re-skinned, the results speak for themselves.

Their launch was successful due to a strong engagement with social media.
ACMT plan to have a new website before July 2018 -